Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Age in Media

For most of the content providers that older people are used to such as TV and Radio Stations, the new age of the internet has became a double-edged sword. Most content providers want to hang onto their content and copyright and put DRM on it. But as the internet grows, we enter the new media age that wants content to be freed and opened for everyone to use on any platform, and providers just arn't ready to let go of it. But slowly, some providers are starting to let go of their content, or at least make it more accessible by allowing online movie rentals, freely accesible flash video feeds of the content, and offering DRM-Free content.
But that isn't enough! The fact is people want to be able to access media when they want, where they want, on the device they want. And people are able to do that by pirating and ripping content, making it DRM Free. And when you really get down to who uses the content and who the DRM blocks, it blocks the good guys. The people who are willing to pay for a copy of something as long as they are able to move it around. Its still their content, why can't they use it?
And is isn't like there isn't any hope. No media company is going to go broke because they begin offering DRM-Free, no cost episodes of TV shows after they have aired for a month.
No company is going to lose a large chunk off income for offering DRM-Free, no to low cost movies after they have hit the DVD stores. The easier and cheaper it is for customers to conviently access content, the more they are going to want to pay for the content instead of pirating it, because if you offer it in a way that is more convient than downloading it off BitTorrent, people are going to pay for it.

The big idea is that old providers need to starting heading towards DRM-Free content, and allowing more people to get access to really old movies and TV shows.

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