Saturday, May 17, 2008

Evernote: The Future of Note Taking?

Evernote (, is one of the great new tools I've come to love over the past few weeks. In short, it is a note taking program that allows you to take content from Websites, take screenshots, import pictures, and more into a database of online media that you can search on any of your computers after they sync.

Handwriting Recongnition
Evernote is very good at handwriting recognition in pictures so if you take a picture with your phone of a California ID, and after it indexes, type California, or another word on the picture, that picture will come up in your search results.

Screen shots
Evernote comes with a great widget called the Universal Clipper, which allows you to press a 2 keys, and select a part of the screen you want to take a screen shot, press enter, and you have whatever you selected

Thats just some of the great features, check it out at If you would like a Beta invite, twitter me (chacha102) and I'll gladly give you one if I have any left.

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