Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Microsoft and NBC working on copyright filters for Zune? - Engadget

This Update from 'Engadget' (Which Firefox does not think is a word):
Microsoft and NBC working on copyright filters for Zune? - Engadget
NBC recently told the New York Times that it's working with Microsoft to develop "copyright filters" for the Zune that would "remove pirated movies and videos."
Unfortunately, this is yet another reason why NBC isn't exactly the most liked of all the corporations. Putting DRM on content that you have purchased as reserve the right for Fair Use. Just makes life alot more difficult for everyone else. I personally like the DRM on, very light and simply is put there to make sure that the authors get their money. This is what the DRM on movies is suppose to do. But they fail at it. BIG TIME. Big Corps spend way too much effort into trying to make movies only work on certain players and certain devices, when in the long term, they would get a lot more money if the movies worked on many different devices. That way they arn't going just to a sepcific audience of Zune users (Its a real time waster to make a DRM that will be block 5 people.) Instead allow it to be used by many people, you spend less time in making the DRM, you save money.
Update: Although a spokesperson told the NYT that Microsoft was working with NBC on anti-piracy efforts, the company is now saying that it has no plans to implement a "copyright cop" in the Zune, and the Zune Insider blog confirms. Great, now just cancel the ISP-level filtering system and we'll be all set.
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